Every object of ‘Nature’ announces its existence in a particular way. For instance, moon by shining, sun by providing light and heat, fountains through flowing, the pastures by their greenery and time by passing. Similarly, the sky firmament expresses its feelings and emotions in a different manner.

One of these, the best and influential style is called ‘Poetry’, it is the faculty, for whose comprehension, there are some special hearts. I have also been granted with this attribute. And by using it I want to convey the nation and intuitive sensations of my life to you.


I’m Mutee ul Hussnain

My name is Mutee ul Hussnain. I belong the ‘ city of eagles’ called Sargodha. This city has introduced several literary and political personalities. I am also granted with it. I am also owned by it.

In my attempt, I require the encouragement of ‘art praisers’ like you. So that I may get a better opportunity to flourish my skill/prowess.

A poet, being a sensitive person, possesses his own point of veiw and thinking. He has a different mode of reasoning and desiring.

I also want to express my outlook and thoughts. Somehow my words may be the representatives of your emotions. Because the pen with which the poet pours his words on page does not consist commonplace ink. Rather he fills it with rapture. Then the words like elegies, odes, melodies, cure of pain, hopes, intimacy and separation are created.

So, by guiding and encouraging my endeavour strengthen my thoughts. Your suggestions and opinions are guarantee to my success.

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